Hydro LED: high lighting quality to improve safety and productivity


Energy saving, workplace safety and maximum visual comfort. With Hydro LED, the benefits of the latest technology are delivered in a product that is the result of the great experience matured by Disano in the design and manufacturing of industrial and retail lighting products.

The newest version of Hydro LED is even more compact and light, with a smooth surface finish for an optimal distribution of light, without dark spots.

Hydro LED is the ideal product for the relamping of industrial facilities, warehouses and manufacturing plants thanks to energy savings that exceed 50% compared to fluorescent lamps and a lamp life over 50000 hours, with virtually no maintenance. In the Money Saving version it offers the maximum savings with powers of 25 and 38 Watt and a luminous efficacy of 151 lm/W; the Energy Saving version offers the best savings with powers of 33 and 46 Watt and efficacy of 169 lm/W.


In both versions, the colour temperature is 4000K to offer the best colour rendering (CRI ≥80). Worth mentioning is the technical quality available in any product made by Disano, which in this case includes the rapid connector, cables for four types of ballasts (electronic, electronic plus emergency, electronic 1-10 V dimmable and Dali dimmable) and the quick clamping system on the safety brackets.

Hydro LED does not pose a photobiological risk and can be equipped with a radar system for presence detection and even more energy savings.


Disano illuminazione extends its Hydro LED range with two new models. Discover all the solutions to achieve maximum savings and best performance.

Disano’s Hydro LED ceiling fixture, a market leader for efficiency and energy savings, grows with two new models: Money Saving Basic and Energy Saving High Performance.


Money Saving is the Hydro LED version designed to ensure maximum cost savings, thanks to an unbeatable quality-price ratio. With Hydro LED Money Saving you can upgrade your lighting system with latest technology at moderate costs and over 50% of energy savings, allowing you to quickly recover the value of your initial investment.


Hydro LED Money Saving Basic, with power ratings of 18, 24, 36 and 46W, provides you with the best and most cost-effective solutions for the lighting of warehouses, manufacturing plants and public infrastructure.

Hydro LED Energy Saving High Performance further improves energy efficiency. With 31W you can obtain a luminous flux of 5890 lumen and with 44W you can achieve up to 8270 lumen. The same high performance is kept over time, thanks to the quality of the construction materials and the different components of the fixture.


Choosing Hydro LED means higher savings, lower energy consumption and improved lighting quality. Latest LED sources, with colour temperatures of 4000k and high colour rendering (CRI ≥80) give you better viewing and visual comfort. To upgrade a lighting system means to increase safety at work, ensure people’s wellbeing and deliver maximum visual comfort.


The experience and expertise matured by Disano in this sector combined with the quality of a product made in Italy are seen in the attention to details. Hydro LED is compact and lightweight, with a smooth outer surface to optimize lighting distribution, without dark spots. Easy to install by quick clamping, it comes with four types of cabling (for electronic ballast, electronic plus emergency device, 1-10V electronic dimmer and Dali electronic dimmer) and rapid anchoring to safety brackets.


Hydro LED does not pose any photobiological risk, it has a low level of flickering and can be equipped with the most advanced lighting control systems.