Giovi represents the latest generation of LED street lamps designed to fit the new light sources and the most advanced lighting control and management systems. 
Its aerodynamic housing in die-cast aluminium offers very little resistance to wind with its cooling fins specifically studied to allow optimal heat dissipation and efficient LED operation.
Heat sink: the heat dissipation system is specially designed and made to allow the operation of the LED lights with temperatures ensuring excellent performance/efficiency and durability.
Photometric performance: designed with an optical system capable of controlling the potential glare created by the growing light intensity of LEDs while achieving high photometric performance.
Optical system: the modularity of the optical system, the solutions used for the electronic circuit design and the optimal control of operating temperatures, make the Giovi line a highly professional, flexible and reliable product, capable of guaranteeing huge application advantages in several situations.
Housing and cover: in die-cast aluminium, EN-AB 47100 alloy and designed with a very small surface exposed to wind. Cooling fins integrated in the cover. Once removed, the cover allows accessing  the electric gear compartment and power terminal board.
Pole connection: in die-cast aluminium suited for poles with a diameter of min. 46 mm to max. 76 mm, adjustable from -20° to +10° for side-mount applications; and from 0° to +20° for top-mount applications. Tilting angle of 5°.
Optics: in PMMA, highly resistant to temperature and UV radiation.
Diffuser: extra-clear, tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shock and impacts (UNI-EN12150-1: 2001).
Coating: the standard powder coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage and of single layer of UV-stabilised, corrosion and salt resistant polyester powder coating. 
Upon request: coating compliant with UNI EN ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres for aggressive environments.
Standard supply: complete with insulation connector for quick installation.
Electronic safety device to protect the LED module and the related ballast compliant with EN 61547. Upon request: constant light output (CLO) option; suited to work in the emergency mode.
LED: Power factor ≥0.9.
Luminous flux maintenance 90%: 100.000h (L90B10).
Regulations:Produced according to applicable EN60598-1 CEI 34-21 standards, degree of protection according to EN 60529 standards.
Upon request:
- with power supply 1-10 V dimmable with subcode 12.
- with power supply DIG dimmable with subcode 0041.
- with virtual midnight subcode 30.
- power line carrier remote control systems subcode 0078.
- Nema Socket, subcode 40
- Zhaga Socket, subcode 0054

Code Gear Kg Lumen Output-K-CRI WTot Surge Colour
341040-00  CLD CELL  9.07  

LED 19080lm-4000K-700mA-CRI 70

132W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [true] Garanzia Estesa [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@80dd82cb]] ULD  
341041-00  CLD CELL  9.34  

LED 24627lm-4000K-700mA-CRI 70

170W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [true] Garanzia Estesa [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@5a046636]] ULD  
341042-00  CLD CELL  9.4  

LED 29348lm-4000K-700mA-CRI 70

204W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [true] Garanzia Estesa [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@71423507]] ULD  
341043-00  CLD CELL  10.08  

LED 33856lm-4000K-700mA-CRI 70

238W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [true] Garanzia Estesa [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@71de67e]] ULD  
341040-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 17172lm-3000K-700mA-CRI 70

132W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@566836e3]] ULD  
341041-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 22164lm-3000K-700mA-CRI 70

170W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@45633b49]] ULD  
341042-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 26413lm-3000K-700mA-CRI 70

204W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@adbe763d]] ULD  
341043-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 30470lm-3000K-700mA-CRI 70

238W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@95c77276]] ULD  
341048-00  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 10116lm-4000K-350mA-CRI 70

65W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@7cc44095]] ULD  
341049-00  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 13057lm-4000K-350mA-CRI 70

82W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@94e826f3]] ULD  
341150-00  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 15560lm-4000K-350mA-CRI 70

99W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@9f29c1db]] ULD  
341151-00  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 17950lm-4000K-350mA-CRI 70

116W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@32c4e402]] ULD  
341048-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 9104lm-3000K-350mA-CRI 70

65W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@e8dda4fa]] ULD  
341049-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 11751lm-3000K-350mA-CRI 70

82W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@6a1a6942]] ULD  
341150-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 14004lm-3000K-350mA-CRI 70

99W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@d666beb2]] ULD  
341151-39  CLD CELL  10.52  

LED 16155lm-3000K-350mA-CRI 70

116W   6/10kV  GRAPHITE  [[jpuzzle2.article.JPLuminaireDataFile@c9c9a71b]] ULD  

The reported luminous flux is the flux emitted by the light source with a tolerance of ± 10% compared to the indicated value. The W tot column indicates the total wattage absorbed by the system without exceeding 10% of the indicated value.